SSHCure v2.0 released

16 May 2013

Proudly presenting: SSHCure v2.0! Available as of today on SourceForge (yeah I know).

NetFlow based SSH intrusion detection and visualisation

SSHCure is a plugin for the NfSen framework. It's a tool to detect SSH scans, brute-force attacks and possible compromises based on NetFlow data. If you have an NfSen install running somewhere, check it out: the provided or make installation a breeze. Screenshots are provided on the SourceForge page.

For those who like SCIENCE, check the published white paper but keep in mind that it is based on SSHCure v1.0 and we've come a long way in the mean time.

Shout-out to co-dev Rick for the great collaboration. Let's get that v2.1 out there.