My First RIPE meeting (Corgi edition)

03 Nov 2014

RIPE69, London. Our batches contain a blue graphic saying we're new here, so people can easily spot and ignore us. In reality, nobody seemed to give a single schwoop whether you are a newcomer or a grey-bearded WG chair for the last 20 twenty years. The atmosphere is incredible.

We are here ofcourse to present our research. Wouter, presenting on his very birthday, has the main gig here, in a fully packed plenary session. Although his face turned a bit when he first saw the size of the plenary room, on stage his talk was close to flawless. Next time you should smile when you get cake in front of 500 people, Wouter. Check out many of the classic Wouter-faces in the recording of his presentation titled How Asymmetric is the Internet?.

With somewhat smaller audiences, Jair and me had the opportunity to present our work as well. Unfortunately, Jair's work on Booters was not recorded, and even more unfortunate, mine was. Special thanks to Fergal Cunningham and Mirjam K├╝hne for a last-minute timeslot within the RACI session. Also a shoutout to everybody who knew that the mutt on the first slide is a corgi. I promised you all a pint of lager, which you can claim at RIPE70 in our capital Amsterdam, because I'm definitely attending.