record collector, homebrewer (coffee & beer), Ph.D. student

I'm Luuk, currently quite busy with my Telematics graduation project, my work at Phusion and above all doing random stuff that I find highly interesting and keeps me from the former two.

I'm still Luuk, but nowadays I'm allowed to put M.Sc. behind my name. In March 2014 I successfully defended my master thesis titled "SSH Compromise Detection Using Netflow and IPFIX", resulting in a Telematics degree with honours. Currently I'm pursuing my Ph.D. at the very same Design and Analysis of Communication Systems research group (that's DACS, for short), and therefore I've unfortunately left my friends and colleagues at Phusion.

This blog will still contain anything that is related to my interests, but now it will also list my publications and possibly other academic things. Still, there is no comment system here so please rely on the proven technology called e-mail to get in touch with me.